The astonishing Hino 500 Series Wide Cab redefines what to expect from a hard working truck. Its unrivalled build quality delivers next level chassis, suspension and axles. You also have more engine and transmission options to choose from including the 6 speed Allison automatic transmission.

In fact, this is the most comprehensive active safety package ever offered by a Japanese truck in the medium duty category. In an Australian-first for this class, Vehicle Stability Control is standard across the Wide Cab range.

All this complemented by a level of driver comfort you never thought possible.

And because we're driven to do more for you, you'll also have Hino Advantage - our innovative new range of business building support solutions - along for the ride.

Change the trucking game in your favour.


Comfort Image


Tilt & telescopic steering wheel with steering lock device and pendulum style pedals offering optimum driving positions resulting in reduced fatigue and greater driver comfort.

4 point coil suspended cabin.

Hino Multimedia with Standard reverse camera / Bluetooth / Digital AM FM radio / DVD CD player / optional Navigation.

Industry-leading ISRI 6860/870 series seat including an integrated seat belt

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Two enhanced engines, the Hino J08E and the Hino A09C, both deliver increased output, greater cooling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

The Hino J08E 6-cylinder engine has a power output of 280hp (206kW) and now delivers at 2500 RPM. The torque has been increased by 7% to 883Nm at 1500 RPM.

The Hino A09C 6 cylinder engine is the more powerful option, up now to 350hp (257kW) and 1422Nm with the manual transmission. The Allison automatic models deliver 320hp (235kW) and 1275Nm.


Pre-Collision System

Pre-Collision System is a true Active Safety system which helps the driver to avoid or reduce the impact of a collision. The system detects a vehicle in front using radar and image sensors. If the system detects the possibility of a collision in front, it will warn the driver through safety eye to apply the brakes using both visual and audible alerts.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

Pre-Collision System also includes a function through PD and detects a pedestrian in front using radar and image sensors. If the system detects the possibility of a pedestrian in front, it will warn the driver through safety eye to apply the brakes using both visual and audible alerts.

Lane Departure Warning System

Lane Departure Warning System alerts the driver both visually and audibly if the vehicle deviates from its lane without the indicators being triggered.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control takes the basic principle of cruise control and also utilises Safety Eye to reduce the engine acceleration and engage the engine brake.

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The most comprehensive active safety package of any Japanese truck in the medium duty truck category in an Australian-first for this class, Vehicle Stability Control is now fitted as standard across the new Wide Cab range.

Another class-leading active safety feature is the standard inclusion of a reverse camera.

The Hino safety package also includes ABS, traction control, UN ECE R29-rated cabin strength*, a driver SRS airbag, ADR84/00 Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS), Easy Start, Cruise Control and Fog Lamps.

*All Hino 500 Series Wide Cab models meet UN ECE R29-rated cab strength excluding FG 1628 Crew

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Expanded transmission range offering the choice of 6-speed and two 9-speed manuals with three different 6-speed automatic variants specifically suited to the different engine and applications.

Depending on the specification chosen, the 500 Series Wide Cab models utilise a Hino MX06, an Eaton ES11109 or a Hino M009OD manual transmission.

Available across the new Wide Cab range, the 6-speed automatic transmissions are fuel-efficient Allison units with a push button shift selector.


This is one seriously good looking truck. Imposing. Ruggedly handsome. Built for hard work. And with loads of great exterior features that really deliver including a range of chassis and suspension options, comprehensive suite of driving mirrors and LED Fog Lamps plus the choice of two engine sizes with three power ratings.

Exterior Image
  • Chassis

    Grid hole chassis made from 620Mpa high tensile steel, ease of body installation and built to last.

  • Suspension

    Taper leaf and the choice of multi leaf or air suspension to allow maximum payloads while giving superior stability, ride and comfort.

  • Engine

    2 x engine size options and 3 power ratings: 280Hp 883Nm 8 Litre engine, 320HP 1265Nm 9 Litre engine, 350Hp 1422Nm 9 Litre engine.

  • Visibility (Outer Mirrors)

    Individual large, flat, heated and electronically adjustable mirrors, separate adjustable heated convex spotter mirror and an additional kerb observation mirror.

  • Fog Lamps

    White LED fog lamps are fitted low in the bumper to provide best possible view in foggy conditions.

  • Interior

    We aim to redefined your expectations here too. You'll discover tilt and telescopic steering and pendulum style pedals to reduce fatigue. The driver instrument panel is designed to be easily read from various angles in all lighting conditions. Plus, you will enjoy unsurpassed on board technology including state of the art multimedia unit and reverse camera as standard, with the option of your own satellite navigation system.

    Interior Image
  • Tilt & telescopic steering

    Height and reach adjustable steering column offers multiple driving positions for greater driver comfort. Includes energy absorbing steering wheel with driver’s SRS airbag.

  • Multi-media unit

    Includes standard reverse camera, Bluetooth™, Digital AM and FM radio, DVD CD Player. Optional Navigation System.

  • Vehicle Stability Control

    An active safety feature not found in any other Japanese medium duty truck in Australia. VSC is standard and designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control.

  • Transmission

    Available in 6 Speed manual, 9 speed manual or 6 speed Automatic transmission variants.

  • Pendulum Style Pedals

    Clutch, Brake and Accelerator pedals all pivot from the top resulting in reduced foot and ankle fatigue.

  • Driver Instrument Panel

    Equipped with a large easy to read speedometer and tachometer, a full suite of warning gauges and lights which can be all be read from various angles and lighting conditions.